How to Wear a Statement Necklace

This week's style tip is about how to wear a statement necklace. I found a great necklace cheat sheet that you can use: 
Necklace with neckline, guideline
***These necklaces are not from Paparazzi — this is only a guide to see how you might wear similar Paparazzi necklaces with different outfit necklines! 

Did you know? 

Wearing jewelry is a great way to help you feel inspired! When you take time to get ready for the day and put on some cute jewelry, you automatically feel better about yourself. Jewelry boosts your confidence. When you step out of your house wearing beautiful jewelry, you’ll find more reasons to smile and feel confident.

4 Quick Tips to Transform a Basic Outfit 
  1. Wear a statement necklace with a basic t-shirt. 
  2. Tuck a little bit of your t-shirt into your jeans or skirt, or create a side knot — this gives you a waistline and instantly refines your whole look. 
  3. Wear cute, pastel-colored flats to freshen up your look for spring! 
  4. Apply lipgloss or lipstick! 
    Now you're ready to go out and shine like the royalty that you are! 

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