The Secret to Flourishing in Every Season

You are equipped to make the most of this season that you're currently in. Yep, that's right! And I would like to encourage you to get creative in this crisis. 

This time is perfect for: 

  1. Working on projects that you haven't had time for. 
  2. Learn a new makeup routine on Youtube. 
  3. Take a daily nap and get much-needed rest — you cannot pour from an empty cup. 
  4. Start a blog. 
  5. Plant some flowers outside. 
  6. Text a friend to encourage her. 
  7. Go through your budget and cut unnecessary expenses. 
  8. Spend some time journaling. 
  9. Take a class to learn something new! 
  10. Spend more time in nature. 

The secret to flourishing during this season is to get creative! 

If you don't feel creative, I'd like to encourage you. You are made in the image of God. And besides being LOVE, God is Creator. So no matter how creative you may or may not feel, creativity is in your very DNA! 

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